Asking for help, a brief guide

When contacting support please be as specific as possible. It will help us, to help you, if we have the following:

  • A good description of the issue, what page is affected, what you were doing when it happened.
  • What operating system you are working on, and what browser you were using at the time, for example, "Windows 10, Firefox".
  • A link to the affected site/page, we understand that this is not always possible, but it is a huge help if we can see the issue for ourselves.

If you are using a content management system such as Wordpress or Concrete5, please also consider supplying the following information: 

  • A username and password so we can log in with administrator privileges, some issues can be sorted simply from the admin panel, if we can access the admin panel we may be able to fix an issue a lot quicker.